AMA Recap: RiFi United x RiFi Rental Marketplace

Through the AMA, we’ve dived deep into some insightful details on the idea, unique features, and some quick guidelines for RiFi Rental Marketplace. An expansion and launching plan was also shared with the community.

In case you missed it, here’s a transcript of the AMA.

Hello guys. Welcome to the AMA, hosted by RiFi United in collaboration with Rikkei Finance. Our event today is gonna have 2 parts: the AMA and the Discussion. In the first part, the Rikkei Finance team will answer all of your questions that are sent to us through our Google Form. After that, if you have other questions, we will give you our best answer. Now, let’s jump straight into those questions.

The first question is from a new follower: What is Rikkei Finance?

Ok so let us introduce, Rikkei Finance is a Web3 platform, encompassing a DeFi lending protocol and an NFT Marketplace; with a specific focus on NFT rentals and NFT-based lending and borrowing. We continue to expand coverage across multiple blockchains to help users earn interest on their digital assets instantly.

Okay, let’s move to the second question. A user wondered what is Rifi Rental Marketplace?

The RiFi NFT Rental Marketplace is a platform allowing peer-to-peer rentals of NFT assets. RiFi is driven by our users and so the initial focus of the marketplace is on the rental of NFT GameFi assets.

And how to rent NFTs from Rifi Rental Marketplace?

You just have to sign up for a RiFi Rental Marketplace account by connecting your wallet and start Renting. We will provide detailed instructions on the website

We got another question asking about the NFT trading volume currently and which currencies a user can use to trade on Rifi Rental Marketplace.

Transactions on RiFi NFT Marketplace will be supported by BNB

What about the risks? Are there any risks of NFTs being stolen? Let’s make it clear.

In Escrow rental mode, the NFT remains in “escrow” with the smart contract and does not transfer to the renter’s wallet. Therefore NFT being stolen by renters is not considered an issue. With Transfer rental mode, the renter offers collateral for the rental and so if the renter chooses to default on the rental, then the asset owner would receive the collateral in compensation for losing the NFT, and so “stolen” would not be the best description.

If users put their NFTs on the marketplace for renting, will their NFTs automatically move to their wallets or back to the renting marketplace after the renting period elapsed?

After the rental period, the NFTs will move directly to the market and appear on the list so that Renters can choose to continue renting. NFTs disappear from the marketplace only if and only if the Asset Owner delists them from the Marketplace.

The most asked question today: Are there any hidden fees or charges? When a user wants to list an NFT, does he/she have to pay listing fees?

It’s obviously yes, as with all Exchanges, each transaction will incur a small fee. With RiFi Rental Marketplace, the fee collected will help us in platform development as well as marketing,..etc

Will the renting price of the NFTs be fixed by the team or it will be based on the free market? Do we have the minimum offer price for an NFT in Rifi Rental Marketplace?

NFT rental prices are all set by the asset owner, based on free market operations.

Next, when do Asset Owners get paid for their NFT rental?

Rent from Renters will be transferred directly to the Asset owner’s wallet as soon as Renters complete the rental transaction (of course, it will be the amount minus the Gas fee).

Before renting NFT, do they need complete identity verification?

At this time, RiFi Rental Marketplace hasn’t completed KYC for platform users. so users only have to connect their Wallet with the marketplace to start doing transactions.

Many users also asked us if they could list an NFT on Rifi Rental Marketplace and another marketplace at the same time.

This is not possible, because when you list NFT on the marketplace, that NFT will be included in the contract of RiFi, if you want to list it on another marketplace, you have to delist it on the current one.

Here’s an interesting one: What if a user made an offer, the item was rented but then he/she changed his/her mind. In that case, can the user cancel the offer?

We are currently launching renting in Escrow mode: no mortgage. In this mode, the NFTs after confirming the lease and transferring to your wallet cannot be returned, they will be lost after the rental period. In the future, we will open Transfer mode rental: Lease requires collateral, Renter will have to mortgage 1 valuable property to be able to rent NFT, and if not using the entire lease period, Renter can return the NFT before the lease ends.

Next, we got some coupon questions: What types of coupons are available at Rifi Rental Marketplace? Can users use two or more coupons at once while renting NFTs? How can users apply their coupons while renting an NFT?

Currently, we can say that there will be 2 types of coupons: coming from Marketplace and coming from GameFi, users can choose to use only 1 coupon at a time. During this launching period, we will have many attractive coupons for users, so please follow the information on our official channels.

About the NFT security, we received some questions as well: Are there any risks that some NFTs in the marketplace are scams? Do users need to worry about canceling stale listings on Rifi Rental Marketplace when they move an NFT from one wallet to another?

All NFTs listed on our Rental Marketplace are under the official GameFi contract that we cooperate with, so there is no chance that NFTs listed on the exchange are Scams.

For those curious about Rifi Affiliate Program and how to invite friends, the answer is about to be revealed.

Every user on the Marketplace is provided with an Affiliate Referral code (see the screen on your User Profile page). When you share this code throughout your network of friends and followers, and that person signs up for their marketplace account using your Affiliate code, then you are eligible to earn a commission from their rental transactions.

Apart from Rifi Rental Marketplace, we got several questions about Rifi United. One of them is: Why can only the RiFi team rent out NFTs to other players? And why don’t we give this right to the players, as it is done in other games?

It’s not just us who can rent NFTs, everyone can be the Asset owner, as long as they have Gamefi NFT and that game allows them to rent NFT through RiFi Rental marketplace

And what about the essence of where users’ NFTs are used, along with the value of NFT?

Your NFT players are used to create teams and compete in tournaments. Besides, if you own a lot of valuable NFTs and have no need to use them, you can completely sell them for profit or rent them out on the RiFi Rental Marketplace.

When will it be possible to increase the talents or starts of the player for the RU token?

We are currently developing the player training system and it is expected to launch this July, stay tuned!!

Well, I think those are all the questions we get from Google Forms. We will continue with the Q&A section, in which we directly answer your live questions!

What are the team plans for mass adoption of this game? What are the marketing plans to attract new players?

We are looking for organic growth by continuing to develop the community. That is one of the reasons we created the marketplace and want to use it as an exposure platform to draw players to RU organically.

Mass adoption, truly mass adoption, is a topic we have dared to dream about. In this today’s climate, we are focusing on organic growth to make things sustainable, both for the development team as well as players.

Can we use retired players in any other way besides staking? Thanks for the AMA!

For this retired player’s question, allow us to answer after conferring with our core dev team so that we can provide an answer that incorporates future plans as well as the current situation. We will answer no later than the end of this week!

I feel that the fact that season 2 only has the top-ranked teams participating in the champion’s league is very unfair to the teams playing a bit lower in the rankings. Could this be changed in the future?

We appreciate your question and understand this season may be viewed as not being as fair as could be. Moving forward we try to include players in some of the decisions to give players some voice in the league play. Please prepare to participate in surveys in the future, so we can understand the preferences of players.

For this instance, we will bring this to the dev team’s attention. Moving forward, we welcome your feedback in our Discord under the RU Feedback channel. Please check in the next couple of days for these 2 comments to show up in the Discord and you can then track things from there. Here’s our Official Discord channel.

So whether u use players or not, they will automatically add 1 year in each every season? Can the team create a function that we can be able to review all our matches played in the past?

We understand you are an OG with RU and we appreciate you for this. We welcome all the questions you have and will work with the dev team to provide you and the community with answers before the end of this week.

Okay. We guess that’s all for the Live Text AMA today. Thank you for spending time with us. If you need any support, please feel free to contact us!

About RikkeiFinance

Rikkei Finance is a Web3 platform, encompassing a DeFi lending protocol and an NFT Marketplace to help users earn interest on their digital assets. Our specific focus is on NFT rentals and NFT-based lending & borrowing.

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Rikkei Finance

Rikkei Finance

Rikkei Finance is a Web3 platform, encompassing a DeFi lending protocol and an NFT Marketplace; with a focus on NFT rentals and NFT based lending and borrowing.